For Regatta Organisers

How can you find help?


British Rowing provides many helpful resources to also support Regatta organisers and we would highly recommend you also look at resources.

The SRA has published the following guidance document:

  • Guidance on minimising the risk of regatta time overruns


Boat Trailers

The SRA ownes and manages a large boat trailer able to accommodate up to 6 skiffs – it can be hired from the SRA by contacting the SRA secretary. (Email:

Additionally a number of the skiff clubs own small 2 or 3 boat size trailers


Most clubs own enough anchors to run their own regattas and will often lend them out to other regattas. There is a set purchased by the SRA located at Wraysbury Skiff and Punting Club that can be used by any club. Please contact WSPC if you wish to use these.


Some clubs have tentage suitable for the finish lines at regattas, i.e. they are not enclosed but rather have one side that can be opened to enable regatta officials to see the competitors clearly.


Most clubs have sets of buoys suitable for both marking out skiff racing courses and punt racing courses. Additionally they have larger ones to mark the start and end of regattas in accordance with EA rules.


The SRA secretary hold the register of all the registered umpires. Additionally any British Rowing registered umpire may officiate at a Skiff Regatta or Long Distance event.