About The SRA

The Skiff Racing Association was formed in 1901 to provide a governing body for skiff racing, to ensure that a standard set of rules was applied for racing and boat construction.

Its objects are:

(a)  To maintain the standard of sculling in skiff and kindred races 

(b)  To promote the interests of skiff racing and kindred sports

The Association is run by a volunteer committee with a mix of members elected from the affiliated clubs at an annual meeting and representatives nominated by the clubs. This committee meets several times a year to ensure that any issues regarding the application of rules can be dealt with and other matters relating to the promotion of the sport,  the affiliated clubs and regattas can be discussed.

A sub-committee deals specifically with the recruitment, training, testing and appointment of umpires for skiff racing.

The Association has close ties with British Rowing (BR), and the rules of racing are based on those of BR closely enough that BR qualified umpires may also umpire skiff races.

The SRA committee is dedicated to all things related to the sport of Skiff Racing and is solely made up of club representatives all giving their time for free.

Role and Responsibilities

  • To administer and amend the Constitution, handbook and rules of racing
  • To administer the regatta calendar
  • To appoint qualified and probationary umpires
  • To organise the SRA inter-club team races
  • To organise the SRA marathons
  • Recording of all regatta wins as well as points towards one of the pennants
  • Awards – Ormiston Trophy, Veteran Pennant & Junior Pennants, Most improved sculler