SRA Data Protection Policy


The SRA Data Protection Policy document has been placed on the Links web page. This can also be downloaded from the link below -

SRA Data Protection Policy


New for Season 2019 - Revision to Veteran Rules of Racing


A revision to the SRA Handbook section on Veteran Racing, modified to take account of the Revised handicap system to be trialled this season, has been placed on the Links web page. This can also be downloaded from the link below -

Revised Veteran Rules of Racing


New for Season 2018 - SRA Handbook has been updated


A new version of the SRA Handbook has been released and can be found on the Links web page. A subset of the handbook containing the Rules for Racing has also been released and is also available from the Links web page.

A Guidance document on minimising the risk of Regatta time overruns can also be found on the Links web page. Any updates, comments or additions are welcomed via the SRA Secretary.


New for Season 2017 - Summary of Changes to Rules of Racing

The SRA is introducing changes to the Handbook this season to address the following issues.

Firstly it is clear that progression at Novice stage is too slow, and competitors with too high a number of points are being allowed to compete as Novices. The number of points allowed to compete at Novice Doubles and Singles is being reduced.

Secondly there has been some confusion over the Most Improved Sculler award. In recent years submissions have been frequently made on behalf of Junior Scullers who are unable to meet the criteria of the award.  A new award is being introduced for Junior Sculler of the Year and the criteria for the Most Improved Sculler award are being clarified





Four v Three Sculler event at Hampton Court and Dittons Regatta on 23rd July 2016


On the wall of Dittons Skiff and Punting Club there is a set of framed newspaper articles describing a race between a four sculler and a three sculler at the “Middlesex Wanderers Bank Holiday Regatta” which was held on Boxing Day 1916. It was held to aid the funds for the Home for Disabled Soldiers, Star and Garter, Richmond.

The four in question is believed to be that currently owned by the Club which was built between 1890 and 1900 at Datchet. Indeed the cox of the four in 1916 was one R H (Dick) Grosvenor who later became a member of the Club and said it was the same boat. Dick Grosvenor was greatly responsible for supplying the funds used to restore the four in 1961.

For the race itself the four was crewed by veterans, one being V R Ormiston the person giving his name to the skiff trophy for the most points in a year, whilst the three sculler was manned by Champions. The four won, despite a late challenge from the Champions.

This year is the hundredth anniversary of this event and it has been suggested that this event could be re-created maybe with the addition of a similar ladies race. For convenience it is being held at Hampton Court and Dittons Regatta on 23rd July 2016. 

As the original event was in support of the Home for Disabled Soldiers, the opportunity has been taken to support the popular Help for Heroes campaign of today.

Please go along to the regatta to support the event, and witness a bit of skiffing history being made and re-produced.













New for Season 2015 - Summary of Changes to Rules of Racing

The new Rules of Racing can be found on the Links web page - a summary can be downloaded from HERE













Thames Valley Skiff Club

  Dudley Road



Starting at 8.00 pm



All are welcome to attend







The SRA has agreed that regattas be allowed to include singles events which count towards the Junior Pennant. The parameters under which such events should be run are as follows:

The same age categories shall be used as for Doubles - viz U18, U16 and U14.

U18 and U16 categories shall have separate events for Male and Female competitors. U14 categories may be mixed.

U18 events shall be sculled over the full course; U16 and U14 events shall be half-course.

The decision whether to run these events and the nature of any trophy is up to the regatta to decide.



Club and Regatta News



Please send any news items which you would like added to this page to the SRA Secretary.

We would also be pleased to receive any skiffing photos for display on the site.




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